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Three Steps Towards Becoming Your Best Self

Treating the Body as a Whole

Energy work goes deeper by addressing the underlying root cause to what prevents us from being our best selves. In our modern world, we have fallen victim to disease, to depression, to being disconnected while being surrounded by people, and to feeling lost and misaligned with our true selves. We try to bandage these wounds with medications, with fad diets and exercise, by disconnecting, or by burying ourselves in experiences that take our time but don't offer true connection or purpose.  By removing the energetic baggage that we needlessly carry, we allow ourselves to reach our true potential. We remove the blocks that prevent the body from functioning as it should. We remove the negative emotions and thought processes that keep us feeling incapable, unworthy, and disconnected.  By addressing the self a whole, as mind, body, and soul, we can finally come to a place where true healing can be achieved.

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Your spiritual body, or soul, is your emotional self. It is the core of who you are. With the desire to learn and grow, your spiritual body keeps record of every emotional experience you have, both the good and the bad. If through our experiences of traumas and hurts we accumulate too much negative energetic baggage, our emotional experiences can become overwhelming and skewed. By clearing what is no longer needed, you provide space for emotional healing and connection.


Your mind is eternal, just like your spiritual body. It is your computer, the part of you that analyzes your experiences, trying to make sense of them all. As our negative experiences compound throughout our life, they can have a negative impact on the way we think, and on the way we perceive the world and the people around us. By clearing the negativity in the mind, we can change our view of ourselves and the world around us. We create space for connection and for the openness to new possibilities. 


Your physical body is the "vehicle" that you get to experience the world with. It's made up of cells and atoms but is powered by energy, just like the soul and mind. And just like our soul and our mind, it too can accumulate energetic baggage. This extra weight can create blockages, and these blockages can lead to an accumulation of physical wastes and toxins that can make way for disease and physical deterioration.  By clearing the energetic "roadblocks" the body can regain ability to function optimally, allowing the body to overcome, heal, and eventually thrive.  





What is "Emotional Clearing"?

An Emotion is essentially ENERGY in MOTION. When an emotion we experience isn't fully processed it can be stored in our body as active energy. This stored energy can create a negative impact on both our emotional and physical well-being. An emotional clearing uses a method of muscle testing to identify negative trapped energies, like emotions or belief systems, and then directs the body to release them, removing their ability to further impact the body and mind.


How does "Distance Energy Work" work?

Energy work was a difficult concept for me to first understand, simply becuase it wasn't something that could be seen with the eye or taught in any science textbook. But the impact I experienced after my very own clearing session was more than tangible to me. Not only did I notice more clarity of thought but I also felt physically lighter. It was as if a huge weight I had been carrying for years was lifted from me. Essentially, energy work is like a prayer. I can sit down and pray for a friend in the hospital to experience peace and healing and immediately, the energy of healing and peace goes directly from me to the person I am praying for. There are no boundaries of space or time. Although invisible, energy is all around us, within us, and connects all of us. In a distance session, a practitioner directs their focus to their client, and with that intention, either moves, releases, or changes energy in the person they are focusing on, with the goal of promoting physical and emotional healing.


What is different about "The Renew Method"?

ONE Renew Method Clearing session is the equivalent of up to ONE THOUSAND emotional clearings using other modalities. How is that? 1. The Renew Method allows the practitioner to clear in bulk, clearing thousands of the same emotion at a time. 2. The Renew Method clears all EIGHT trapped energies, not just emotions. Our method also clears also emotional ties, negative beliefs, perspecitves, and more. 3. A clearing is only HALF the important part of a session. The second half of a session is where we perform a balance and alignment. After we are able to clear several thousand trapped energies, there is space and discoherence left behind. A Balance and Alignment at the end of each session helps to realign the physical body, spiritual body, and mind, helping a person to feel more whole.


How can Health/Life coaching benefit me?

The goal of coaching is to help you gain clarity around the goals you have for yourself and to assist you in making them a reality. Coaches can help you identify areas that may be blocking you from moving forward, and help you to implement strategies to overcome those blocks. Coaches are educated in various areas of health and wellness and can direct you towards resources that may be of benefit to you through that process.


What will I experience after a clearing session?

Each person's experience is unique. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your first session: Treat a clearing like a massage; drink plenty of water and get extra rest after. Light walking and some gentle yoga or stretching may also be helpful. Your energy may be lower and you may be a bit more emotional for a day or so after the clearing as your body processes what is cleared. You may experience detox. Your body may be able to unlock pathogens or toxins that were previously blocked by some of the energies cleared. You may have a few days of detox symptoms like headaches, fatigue, changes in bowel movements, or new skin blemishes. This is common but differs from person to person. More significant detox can include an increase in drainage or possibly cold/flu-like symptoms that can continue as your body processes and eliminates the toxin or pathogen. At the end of each session, you will be provided a list of any dietary or supplement changes to support the healing of any toxins removed. You will notice changes in your thought patterns and emotional responses. You may find yourself about to react to a situation as you have always done, and may notice the emotion you usually feel isn’t there, and will become aware that the response you used to have may no longer be appropriate. You may find yourself less judgemental in certain situations, or notice changes in your viewpoints and outlooks. Be present with yourself and see what you notice in these areas. You may notice physical changes. There may be a decrease in pain or tension in problem areas you had before. You may notice an increase in awareness to problem areas as those areas heal any damaged tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things that make what we do unique. Check out the answers to our commonly asked questions.

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